Return on Investment

Vendor Management Services = 7.5x ROI

Our Customer:

We work with the fastest growing companies in the world. They tend to look like this:

Employee Count

500-5,000 employees

Quantity of Software Products

100-400 SaaS products

Long-Tail Software Spend*

$2-10mm annually

(*The long-tail spend is your SaaS spend without including hosting, such as AWS)

Current Vendor Management Process

  • Centralized with Internal Procurement/BizOps function; or,

  • Decentralized and managed by segment leaders

Your problem:

We’ve observed common challenges with vendor management, as your company scales:

Managing Vendor Relationships

Critical vendors (such as AWS and Salesforce) receive a lot of attention from the business, but your long-tail vendors are underserved. You use too many products to give ample time to each vendor.

Renewal Management

Your teams likely manage software renewals differently. And, an inconsistent renewal process leads to missed deadlines and opportunities, including: lapsed auto-renewals, opt-out clauses, and product overages.

Software Price Benchmarking

Enterprise software pricing can be inconsistent, confusing, and is oftentimes unfavorable. Your stakeholders are not trained (or interested) in negotiating with vendors and you lack access to benchmark pricing data.

Our Guarantee:

Our vendor management process is proven and predictable. So, we’ve established a guarantee that allows your team to leverage Purchase, without risk. We do not charge for our services until you’ve realized savings in excess of our annual cost.

Current ROI:

Purchase is proven to help you save a significant amount of time and money.

Purchase ROI

7.5x average return on investment, within 6 months.

Savings per Product

$20,150 dollars saved per renewal.

Net Savings

21.56% margin improvement on your SaaS spend.

Time Savings

3.5+ hours saved, per renewal.

Want to speak with a current customer? Purchase Customers are happy to serve as customer references. To schedule a reference call, please send an email to


Full Stack Vendor Management

$10,000 per month

Purchase manages the vendor relationships for your full software stack.

Services: Vendor Management with a dedicated Software Concierge; Turnkey Renewal Management; Price Benchmarking; Contract Logistics.

Product and Engineering stack Vendor Management

$5,000 per month

Generally, engineers prefer to code vs. manage software vendors. Many companies choose to tackle the product and engineering stack, first.

Services: Vendor Management with a dedicated Software Concierge; Turnkey Renewal Management; Price Benchmarking; Contract Logistics.


$5,000 one-time

Purchase On-boarding will bring your team out of the spreadsheet and into Purchase’s Vendor Management Platform. Building a scalable system-of-record is the first step towards effective vendor management.