Return on Investment

Vendor Management Services = 7.5x ROI

Our Customer:

Purchase Customers are high-growth companies, operating at scale. Our customers have the following characteristics:

  • Employee Count: 500-5,000 employees

  • Quantity of Software Products: 100-400 SaaS vendors

  • Software-related Expenses: $2-10mm* annually (*not including hosting, like AWS)

Your problem:

As a scaling company, you’re experiencing the following challenges:

  • Software Audit: You struggle to understand the SaaS in-use, internal and external stakeholders, contract management, and redundancies in products. You are attempting to manage your SaaS products and vendors in a spreadsheet, and you are frustrated with the lack of data integrity.

  • Renewal Management: Too often, your team is surprised by a software renewal. It is challenging to keep the team on the same-page with every renewal and difficult to understand the current status of each product, within the renewal lifecycle.

  • Economies of Scale: Your software contracts are growing linearly with your headcount. You know that you could likely get better rates but there are too many vendors and stakeholders to do this efficiently.

  • SaaS Long-Tail: You have plenty of eyes on the critical vendors (ie: AWS, Salesforce, etc.). However, you do not have a consistent framework for managing the long-tail of your SaaS spend.

Our Guarantee:

Our vendor management process is proven and predictable. So, we’ve established a guarantee that allows your team to leverage Purchase, without risk. We do not charge for our services until you’ve realized savings in excess of our annual cost.

Current ROI:

Purchase Services are designed to save your team time and help your company realize significant savings.

Current Customer Facts:

  • Purchase ROI: 7.5x

  • Savings per Product: $20,150

  • Net Savings: 21.56%

Want to speak with a current customer? Each Purchase Customer is also willing to serve as a customer testimonial. To schedule a testimonial call, please send an email to


Full Stack

$10,000 per month

Purchase manages the vendor relationships for your full software stack. This includes getting your team out of the spreadsheet, centralizing your contracts and stakeholders, and turnkey renewal management.

Product and Engineering stack

$5,000 per month

Engineers prefer to code, not deal with vendor management. So, many companies choose to tackle the product and engineering stack, first. Purchase manages the vendor relationships for your product and engineering software stack. This includes getting your team out of the spreadsheet, centralizing your contracts and stakeholders, and turnkey renewal management.

Customer On-boarding

$5,000 one-time

Purchase On-boarding will bring your team out of the spreadsheet and into Purchase’s Vendor Management Platform. Building a scalable system-of-record is the first step towards effective vendor management.

Why do the world’s best companies leverage a concierge?

Your software concierge brings your vendors to you, in a centralized place. Seamlessly request collateral from a vendor, assign a task to a team member, schedule a renewal conversation, or request pricing comps.

Get your time back.

Did you know that some of your VP’s spend 25% of their time on vendor management? From talking to sales people, renewal coordination, and internal NPS feedback, vendor management is a full time job, better served for us.

Pay the right rate.

Many products charge different unit prices to their customer base. So, how do you know if your current software prices are actually good? Purchase customers have exclusive access to price benchmarking to ensure that you are on the right side of the average discount curve.

Procure, faster.

From security and compliance, to navigating the legal process, we provide end-to-end logistics to help you procure the right products, at the right time. Let your team get back to work by allowing allowing us to handle your vendor needs.