Group Software Buying

bigger discounts & better support.

How it Works:

Create buying power, with your peers. Plan your annual software purchases; buy at the same time as others; & save a bunch of money.

Step 1: Plan your Purchases

What software tools does your team need, in order to be successful over the next 12 months? Purchase offers a complimentary 1:1 consultation to help your team plan out critical SaaS purchases for the year. 

Step 2: Coordinate Purchase Dates

In order to gain leverage with vendors, buyers need volume. And, in order to build volume, we coordinate software purchase dates with multiple companies, who are planning on purchasing the same software. This gives us power in numbers. 

Step 3: Save money and receive better support

We work directly with vendors in order to secure better pricing and premium support, for you. Our customers receive pre-negotiated discounts, favorable cash flow terms, and access to premium support. 

Purchaseā„¢ is an Invite-only Group Purchasing Organization